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Prior to owning my own business, I served as Private Secretary to an Ambassador, I worked across a range of secretarial and administrative roles, in both public and private sectors.

Even in these previous positions, the means of communication were sometimes virtual.

What does that have to do with anything you may ask? The assistance I provided was hands-on and practical. I saw that most virtual assistants came at things backwards, they put the method of communication -the virtual part- into the foreground.  when what really, mattered was the help they could give. 

That's where Imani Virtual Assistant Services came to existence, to address the need for flexible, affordable help that's available on a virtual or online basis. 


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Making admin look effortless. We'll help organise your workload, plan your diary, and structure your time so you can take full advantage of it. 


Helping you communicate. Businesses and individuals increasingly maintain a discussion online. But posting to social media can be a time-consuming, laborious process. 


Making you look good. Appearances count, and we're available to help you present the right image online.

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" By using Imani virtual assistant services you will have your expectations exceeded and taken care of without having to stress about the results."

Toni Drew