Developing and Growing the Virtual Team Series (3)

Episode 3: Training - Developing A Virtual Team

As an entrepreneur, you know how difficult it can be to run a business of any size. It can be quite challenging simply to stay in business and we know that there is a very high percentage of failures. Yet there comes a point when you have to start taking risks if you want to expand and some of these risks include taking on additional tasks and responsibilities that you may not have bargained for in the beginning. One of these additional tasks is your new role as a teacher. Yes, you have to build up a new skill set in order to train new people who you co-opt onto your team.

Undoubtedly, if you hire skilled people so you can outsource in many of these areas internally then you shouldn't need to train them in their subject matter. In fact, they may well be more astute in these areas than you are anyway, but nonetheless there is a certain amount of training necessary. They may never have come across the specific type of client you work with and it could be that the client has very precise requirements. It's your job to ensure that your new team member understands and conforms.

While they may well have come across the type of work that you hired them to do the chances are they may not have worked with the solutions and software systems you have in place.

As part of your new role as a training chief, you need to be able to understand how people work. Don't underestimate the difficulties you can encounter sometimes when trying to match two individuals in a working environment. Are egos or personalities going to clash sometimes? Difficulties such as these may indicate that you need to spend more than just a passing moment to train appropriately.

Within your business expansion plan, you will have allocated a certain amount of time to locate, hire, and train individuals. Don't underestimate here, especially if you are working with individuals who may be from different parts of the world. Remember that in our virtual assistant world we are able to electronically collaborate from all four corners. Yet before you can allow that team member to get on with it you need to be sure that you have allocated the right amount of time to train and this may be especially difficult if you have a time zone gap of 12 hours or so.

When you expand you have to speculate to accumulate to a certain extent. Remember that training comes with a cost at the very least in terms of your own time. Be clear however that your overall goal is to provide first-class and diverse services to as many clients as possible. The more detailed you are and the more diverse the team you install the more valuable you make yourself and your services. It becomes increasingly unlikely that any client would go to the length of trying to provide those services internally, especially when they realize the additional time and hard costs associated.

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