Starting Your VA Business

1. Start A VA Business To Be Your Own Boss

An often overlooked profession by people desiring to work from home is becoming a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants, or VAs, are part of a growing profession that can easily be managed from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you're at in the world)! A VA is generally an assistant in some capacity or online business operations manager and can provide most of the support tasks that someone in a traditional office setting could do, however, all work is conducted via the Internet.

The Internet Has Created the Perfect Setting for Virtual Assistants to Thrive

With a laptop and broadband connection, you can effectively run a VA business from your home. You can access everything you'll need to help your clients through your computer or via your mobile and since the Internet is available round the clock, your work duties often allow you to work whenever it's convenient for you, as long as your clients receive their necessary data and / or have their tasks completed on time.

As an additional bonus, working on the Internet allows you to seek out clients from around the world. This vastly broadens your potential client pool as well as enables you to work for multiple individuals/organizations simultaneously if you so desire.

What Types of Work Do VAs Perform?

As a virtual assistant, you can offer a full line of services or specialize in just a few different things. Typical jobs that VAs complete include:

  • Data entry and manipulation to create documents and presentations.

  • Drafting correspondence, including returning emails.

  • Making travel arrangements and setting appointments.

  • Managing a client's calendar, online.

  • Scheduling meetings, making arrangements, and reservations.

  • Creating newsletters and distributing them via email marketing systems.

  • Managing the online presence of the client or that of their business.

  • Simple bookkeeping/accounting tasks.

  • Gathering data and information on projects.

  • Website development, SEO, content creation, social media, etc.

  • Managing other daily or ad hoc tasks, as requested by the client.

Achieving Your Goal of Being Your Own Boss

Becoming a top-notch virtual assistant takes patience, a positive attitude, and superior organizational skills. If you believe that you have all three of these qualities, then you're well on your way to becoming your own boss.


You need to be patient with yourself, developing your online presence, and the process of finding clients. You may need to start small, taking on single projects through a freelance job board or website like Upwork to build your social proof via testimonials, which may mean that you have to continue with your current job until you cultivate a significant client base.

Be patient though... Take small jobs to get started, build your client base, and learn new skills along the way. Each of these steps will lead you to your final destination of being your own boss. Make sure you establish an excellent online presence and never be afraid to email or message people and organizations. The more open you are to success, the more likely you'll find the success you seek - it's really true.

Positive Attitude

Your attitude must remain positive, ideally extraordinarily so. It may sound cliche, but people will respond far more openly to a positive attitude. Your online presence as well as your personal interactions with potential clients should always remain positive, even if you're nervous and panicking inside at that moment.

Your positive attitude will also reflect in the work that you complete, and your clients will respond favorably to this type of work delivery. Positive thoughts bring about positive actions in far more ways than can be conceived of.

Superior Organisation Skills

A Virtual Assistant must have superior organizational skills. You must be able to manage all of the tasks that your clients require, some with crucial deadlines while managing all the things in your life too. If you love organization, you've found the perfect work from home job.

2. Start A VA Business To Ditch The 9 To 5

If you want to ditch your 9 to 5 job and do something more productive with your time, you should look into opening your own virtual assistant business. A VA business will give you the ability to work from home at your own pace. That means creating a schedule that's conducive to you being able to balance your work and your life in a far more meaningful way.

Is Becoming a VA a Good Idea?

Yes, because it allows you to engage in a profession of your choosing, and become the productive worker you really wish to be. Here are just some of the great ways that a VA business can change your life:

Making a Schedule That's Right for You

Having a schedule that works well for you is very important, to say the least. This way, you'll be able to fit all types of other responsibilities around your work time, as well as make time for family, friends and leisure activities too. Since the days always seem to roll by so quickly, the advantage of being able to spend time with loved ones is probably the most important of all.

Everything's Your Call - You're the Boss

Since it's your business, you're the boss and all decisions are up to you. You'll no longer have someone above you stopping things from happening or making you do things a certain way. Being your own boss gives you all the power and freedom you need to greatly increase your income in the months and years ahead.

Virtually Unlimited Income

Since there's no one to stop you from succeeding in your VA business, you can aim to make as much money as you like. How much time and effort you put into your VA business is all up to your discretion. Whatever your financial goals are you can reach them by striving towards them and achieving them, systematically.

Multi-Tasking Is Super with a VA

If you need to multi-task, you'll find that hiring another VA gives you the ability to get so much more done, often in an extremely short period of time. When you hire one or more VAS, you can conduct business day and night, even when you aren't personally active on the computer. This is one of the most efficient aspects of hiring another VA and expanding your operation.

Working for yourself through creating a VA business is growing in popularity with people from all walks of life, all over the world. Most people find that they excel when they're doing something that they love and can be proud of, and this is just one more reason why a VA business is suitable for so many people. With this kind of business, you'll find that your sustained focus and broadening experience will give you the confidence that you've always wanted to have in so many other areas of your life too. You're in control, and it shows when you deal with others in your business or personal affairs.

3. Start A VA Business To Have More Time With Your Family

A virtual assistant business is an excellent way for a person, whether man or woman, to stay at home and fulfill their financial responsibilities. Since you can work from the comfort of your own home when you have a business like this, you'll have the freedom to organize your work time as you wish.

There Are Many Plusses to Starting a VA Business

For many people, the daily routine of going to and from their workplace can be a hassle, and to put it bluntly, it can be frustrating always having to be at a certain place at a specific time on a daily basis throughout the working week. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the best reasons for opening your own VA business:

Commuting Time Eliminated

Working from home will obviously eliminate the commuting time - which can be such a relief, to say the least. This also means that you'll cut down on your costs too. The whole concept of working from home alleviates so many of the challenges associated with going back and forth to a traditional, fixed location business.

More Time to Bond with Family

Spend more time with your family, every day. For those that have children, it's always a blessing to be able to spend more time with them. With a VA business, you'll be able to spend a lot of time with your kids during the day and in the evenings too. In some circumstances, this scenario also eliminates the need for daycare when the children are very young, as you can work while they nap.

Being the Boss

Setting a schedule that's convenient for you is a definite plus. As you're the boss and all decisions are yours to take, you can even hire other freelancers to assist you in your growing enterprise, on-demand.

No Limit to Your Income Potential

Establishing a VA business can be extremely advantageous to you because there's virtually no limit to the amount of money you can make online unless of course, you limit yourself to hourly service provision only. It all depends on how much time and effort you wish to put into your business. Of course, making financial goals is important even with a VA business and this is precisely why you should set definite goals you'd like to achieve, and then stick to a reasonable plan so you can achieve them.

Take Holiday Time, as Desired

Since you make your own schedule, whenever you'd like to take some time off for a holiday, you can do so at your own discretion. Taking time off is rarely an issue when you have your own VA business.

Less Stress

Generally speaking, there's less stress involved when running your VA business. As you're far more in control of daily events, the common stressors are less prevalent than if you worked for a corporation and dealt with the myriad of problems that meeting with "compliance" usually entails.

A VA business may be just the answer you're looking for when you want to meet your financial obligations and goals, but still, retain the freedom of doing everything your own way. Since there are so many options in a VA business - whether in service provision, digital products, and/or training, you can literally make your future whatever you wish it to become.

4. Start A VA Business To Apply Your Offline Skills Online

There are many people that go to work every day for the sake of meeting their financial obligations. In many cases, they simply don't realize that they could start a VA business and then stay at home and work for themselves, instead of having to fight with that daily commute to go into a fixed location business.

What Are the Benefits of Applying Offline Skills Online?

By using a computer and the Internet, many people find that they can multi-task a lot easier - and get far more done, than through any other more traditional, paper-based methods. So, here are some excellent reasons to start your VA business today:

The Ability To Achieve Higher Pay

As there's virtually no end to the income stream that can be created online, it's really all up to you, and to what extent you're willing to dedicate yourself. If you want to make your business your primary focus in life, you can even achieve a higher pay than you might be able to get in the corporate world.

Flexibility of Hours

Having a VA business gives you the ability to work the hours that you want. You can get up late or early, work all day and all night if you want to. Your schedule is all up to your discretion. When you need time off, you simply arrange it for yourself, which allows you to spend more time with your family or go on holiday as you see fit.

The Buck Stops With You

Having the ability to be your own boss can be a very rewarding experience indeed. Many people find that they're able to consistently achieve a great deal more when they don't have someone looking over the shoulder so to speak, as in the corporate world. Being your own boss means making all the decisions, and being dependent on yourself to reach the goals that you have in mind.

No More Daily Commute

Saving the costs associated with commuting is also another favourite reason for people to take the route of becoming a VA. It saves quite a bit of time and money, especially when you start adding it all up over the longer term. You'll be able to do productive things during the times that you would have been commuting and save a substantial amount of money for essentials or for leisure activities. And, since you're in the privacy of your own home, you can also dress the way you wish so you'll always be as comfortable as you'd like to be when you're working at your desk, by the pool or wherever you happen to be!

Time to Make It Happen

It's time to stop dreaming about working for yourself and possibly even traveling the world while doing so - you need to make it happen! This is an amazing life goal, and it's most definitely within your reach. All you need to do is have faith, establish your virtual assistant business, take the plunge to find clients, systematize your workflows, expand your enterprise, and keep moving forward!

5. Start A VA Business To Work From Anywhere

Traveling the world while running a successful business is no longer a dream; it's a life goal that you can actually achieve!

How amazing would it be to work from your computer, without putting on the fancy clothes and driving countless miles through hours of traffic, just to arrive at a job that you despise doing? What if you could set your own hours and objectives? That would be the ultimate life goal, right? Well, by starting a virtual assistant business, you could work from anywhere in the world, earning a good income, without following a traditional work schedule.

Endless Freedom

When you start a virtual assistant business, you will have the freedom to decide what type of work you want to do, and what assignments you choose to pass on. You can accept jobs that require a skill you excel in, instead of trying to learn as you go, or doing supplemental reading and studying to learn new skills. While there's nothing wrong with brushing up on your experience and skills to stay competitive amongst other virtual assistant businesses, you don't actually have to go outside your level of expertise unless you want to further develop your business. The option is always yours.

Eliminate the Office

Working from a traditional office setting isn't required when you have a virtual assistant business. You can work from your home office or the kitchen table. If you want to go out and grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee at the nearest coffee shop, you can do just that. As long as you can concentrate and complete the tasks that you have been assigned, you can work from virtually anywhere that has a stable Internet connection.

Since there's no physical office to report to each day, you don't need to save those holiday days. Simply take your laptop or other Web-enabled devices with you on the trip, spend a few hours working, and then take the rest of the day off to enjoy all that that holiday destination has to offer. You can even take the laptop to the beach and get some work done while enjoying the beautiful weather, the deep blue waves, and the white sand. Making this life goal a reality gives you the opportunity to travel the world, and build a successful business at the same time.

Take the Family with You

You and your family can see all that the world has to offer when you achieve your life goal and start your own virtual assistant business. Your children can learn through world-schooling. Visiting other countries gives your kids the exposure to other languages, in the various countries that you travel to, instead of being limited to studying one or two foreign languages in a traditional school setting.

When it pertains to art, there's no better way to teach your child to appreciate art than by seeing it up close. Your kids will get a chance to see the architecture, dance, songs, calligraphy as well as other great forms of creative expression.