The Webinar Experience

1. What Is A Webinar?

For anyone who has ever given a seminar in person, they know the challenges that exist. Are people listening? Are they interested? Does anyone have any questions? The list of questions goes on, which can affect their ability to give a detailed orientation on the topic at hand. For those that have attended a seminar, there are an equal amount of concerns as well. They may want something elaborated on, they could have further questions or they may lose interest being in a room full of thousands of other people. Luckily, webinars have changed the way that seminars and conferences take place. For those that are unfamiliar with what a webinar is, here's some detailed insight as to why they are so effective.

A webinar is a virtual way of presenting a seminar or a conference to countless people over the Internet. In order to setup up a webinar, a user needs a video camera, which they will then stream to those that are watching. In some cases, the viewers can also have their webcams on, or they can just watch and listen to the presentation. In either event, a webinar is a great way for both individuals and businesses to communicate effectively with many other people.

One reason that webinars are so effective is because they save money for both parties involved. Many businesses like to have large conferences, and this typically requires reimbursing the attendees for their travel and accommodation expenses. However, a webinar can be done for much less money, while still effectively communicating with the same amount of people. As for viewers, they won't have to take the time that's required to go to a seminar, as they can view a webinar from work, their home, a coffee shop or wherever else is comfortable for them.

Webinars are also wonderful because they make for better interaction between the presenter and the viewers. Unlike in a crowded auditorium, webinars provide people with the opportunity to talk with one another, write each other through the system, and even hold individual meetings.

There are a variety of different webinar services out there to choose from. Some of the top choices include; GoToWebinar, Cisco WebEx, Mega Meeting and Onstream Webinars. There are a variety of different options out there, so it comes down to simply finding the best one that works for the presenter and the needs that they have at the time.

Not only do webinars offer a great platform for communication, but they can also earn income as well. By reselling a webinar presentation or hosting another person's webinar, the presenter can charge fees based on what they think is fair. Furthermore, it's also a great way to drive traffic to a website, which can increase views and result in more income.

Webinars are quickly becoming the best way to interact and communicate with large groups of people. For anyone who has yet to take part in a webinar, it's an incredibly interesting experience and should be considered as an alternative to seminars and conferences.

2. The Most Popular Webinar Systems

As webinars grow in popularity, so do the number of options that are available to host these online seminars. In most cases, more selection is a great thing for finding a system that's right for you. However, the amount of options out there also means that someone could be trying for quite some time before they find a service that works best for them. Here are some of the most popular webinar systems available, as well as some of the beneficial features that they offer.


One of the most well-know webinar options on the Web is GoToWebinar. For good reason, this service belongs to the top of the list. This system is incredibly easy to set up, which means you can host a webinar in no time at all. They even offer great prices and exceptional customer service as well. In the event that you have trouble with anything on GoToWebinar, you can quickly enquire and get the issue resolved straight away. But in all fairness, it's such an easy system that you likely won't have issues in the first place. If you're looking for a webinar service that's easy to use and incredibly useful, GoToWebinar is a great selection.

Adobe Connect Webinars

Adobe makes a variety of different services, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they also provide a webinar programme as well. Adobe Connect Webinars is among the most popular options because it provides users with a plethora of features that will enhance your overall webinar experience. There's also a large community of Adobe Connect Webinars users, all of which come together to lend assistance to others when they need it.

Infinite Conferencing

Infinite Conferencing has developed quite the name for themselves and they're a reliable resource for anyone looking to host a webinar. One of the great features of this service is how easy it is to record your webinar, that way you can watch it at a later time or even reshow it to others. Infinite Conferencing also provides you with assistance for making your webinars the best possible, so that you can entertain your audience and keep them interested for longer.


ClickWebinar lets you host up to 1,000 viewers at one time. This makes it one of the most comprehensive services available, and it's especially useful for large companies or people who have a big crowd watching them. In the event that your webinar is being broadcasted in another country, ClickWebinar also offers translation services to ensure everyone's on the same page. You can even enter into private meeting rooms with your attendees, in case you want to make your webinars more personal.


omNovia continually aims to please their customers and get better at the services they provide. They've updated their service with new options, including the ability to host up to 5,000 people at a single time. omNovia is also one of the easier to use webinar options out there, which is perfect for novice users.

In order to avoid getting caught up in other webinar services that simply don't compete, these five options are perfect for beginner or expert users alike.

3. How To Make Money From Webinars

A webinar is a great way for you to communicate with people all over the world, simply through a computer screen. Depending on how creative you are, webinars can be a great chance to make money as well. No matter what industry you find yourself in, here are some ways that you can make money from webinars.

Charge Money For The Information You Provide

One of the most popular ways that webinars make money is by charging for whatever service, knowledge, or information the host is offering the viewers. For example, if this is a webinar geared towards entrepreneurs, the host can offer an event that gives insight into how to be successful. During this time, the audience can ask questions, which will help further the experience. The more reputable you are and the more people you can attract, the more interest you will get from people wanting to watch your webinar.

Sell Your Product

If you run a business and are selling something in particular, a webinar is a great chance to increase profits. An even better way to do this is if you have a website set up, as you can direct people from your webinar to your site and generate more traffic. Even though you may not physically be in the same room as someone, that doesn't mean that you can't sell them on your product.

Let Your Brand Host For Someone Else

If your brand already has enough of a following, but you don't want to run your own webinar, consider hosting a session for someone else. When you do this, you can charge the person that you're hosting for a fee for the assistance you lend. The more popular you are and the more viewers you can get for the webinar, the more money you'll be able to make.

Sell Your Webinar

Webinars are typically something that are done in real-time, but that doesn't mean that you can't still make money if someone misses the 'live' show. Instead, you can sell replays of your webinars to people who are interested. Granted the person won't be able to ask questions directly, but they may still be interested in paying for the information that you provided during the webinar.

Sell A Mailing List

When people sign up for your webinar, it's a good idea if you have them give you their email address so you can remind them of important details pertaining to the event. While this email list can be valuable for helping you communicate with others, you can also sell the list and make money off of it. There are many companies out there who are interested in getting bulk mailing lists for their own businesses, so you can easily attract them if you have a significant list of people who have signed up for your webinar.

Hosting a webinar is relatively easy, especially if you've a following and they're interested in your business or even in just who you are. But if you want to get the most from your webinar, consider these ways of making money for your efforts.

4. Why You Should Outsource Your Webinars

Whether you're planning to host webinars for employees you work with everyday or you want to provide webinar services to other visitors and users on your website, outsourcing the process of setting up your webinar is highly recommended. Understanding the benefits that outsourcing your webinar has to offer is a way to move forward in finding the programmers or teams that are right for the project you have in mind.

Save Time And Focus On Other Areas Of Your Webinars

When you choose to outsource the development of the webinar system you need to put together you not only save time but you're also able to focus on other aspects of creating your webinar programme. Working to develop pricing, types of webinar services you plan to offer, and how you want to schedule your webinars can be done while the development of the system is completed for you with the help of professional coders and programmers.

Professional Programmers

Working with professional programmers and Web designers is a way to put your mind at ease while ensuring the security and safety of using your webinar system and payment gateway for all users and new potential customers. By implementing an SSL certificate you're able to guarantee your users' safety and security when they choose to purchase a webinar service from you by entering their payment / personal information.

Implement An Email Notification System

A professional outsourced team of professional programmers can also help with implementing an email notification system for you as the administrator, as well as other users when they sign up for a webinar you have available or which is scheduled in the future. Email notifications help to ensure your users arrive on time for any webinar you have scheduled while also notifying you of additional items you need information on daily, weekly or monthly.

Setting Up Sales Page

Working with an outsourced programmer or team of Web designers is another way to have your sales page for selling your webinars programmed. Professionals who have experience with programming eCommerce sites are able to assist with installing a platform that works for paying for webinars and allowing your users to gain access to the webinar of their choice at the appropriate time. The more details you have in mind for the development of your webinar service before searching for help, the easier it is to find the programmers that are right for your project.

Save Money

When you choose to outsource your webinars to a team of programmers or designers elsewhere, it's much easier to save money over hiring an in-house full-time programmer or designer of your choice to work in your office or place of work. If you're on a budget or simply looking to cut back on costs this quarter, outsourcing could be an ideal solution for you.

Whether you plan to run a webinar service teaching tutorials or you're running a life coaching company as a random example, implementing a webinar programme and service with the use of outsourced professionals is a way to save time and get the most for your investment.

5. The Complete Guide To Webinars

For those that have yet to take part in a webinar, don't worry because you aren't alone. That said, webinars are growing in popularity as they're an incredibly effective way to communicate and share information. Whether it's a business that wants to reach out to employees or simply someone who has a message to share, webinars are a great way to do so. Here's a complete guide to webinars, including what they are, why they're so effective, and even how they can help make someone money as well.

What Is A Webinar?

In short, a webinar is a seminar or conference that's done over the Internet. Instead of gathering everyone into a large conference room or meeting hall, a webinar allows for people from all around the world to actively participate in a seminar that happens online. In most cases, a webinar focuses on one individual or company that's providing information to a variety of listeners. However, where webinars get even more interesting is when the viewers participate as well. Webinars make it incredibly easy to ask questions or give feedback during the seminar so that everyone feels involved and gets what they need out of the presentation. Furthermore, webinars can be done from the comfort of a person's own home, making it incredibly easy for people to participate in.

Why Are Webinars A Great Idea?

Webinars are a great idea for a variety of reasons. Take, for example, a company that wants to effectively communicate with all of its employees. In the past, they may have had to fly all of their employees to a particular location, which can obviously be incredibly expensive. However, webinars now allow these businesses to effectively communicate with employees and save money in the process. Not only do webinars save money, but they can also make money as well. By reselling your webinar, or hosting someone else's, it's possible to earn money for you or your business. Finally, webinars are perfect for all sorts of people. Whether it's just one person or an entire business, a webinar makes it possible for anyone to host their own seminar online.

How To Have A Good Webinar

In order to have a good webinar, it's important that everyone knows when it will take place. If there aren't many people taking part in the webinar, there may not be enough interactive communication to make it truly effective. Furthermore, the host of the webinar should always be sure that they are prepared properly. While a webinar can work wonders if it goes smoothly, bumbling through notes or being unprepared will cause viewers to lose interest and stop watching. Finally, allowing people to communicate during the webinar will make it more interesting, fun, and interactive for lack of a better word. If viewers think that they have to simply sit back and watch, they may not be nearly as interested. However, if they know that they can ask questions and give feedback, it'll help make the entire webinar more enjoyable for everyone.

Webinars are quickly changing the way that seminars and conferences take place. They are cheaper and more effective than traditional methods of communication, so it's no wonder why so many people are relying on them for the services they need.

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